7-Day Hand Lettering + Gilding Workshop Combo August 12-19, 2022
  • 7-Day Hand Lettering + Gilding Workshop Combo August 12-19, 2022

    Buying this Combo package for the Hand Lettering workshop + the Gilding workshop saves you $100 over buying them seperately.




    The first part of the lettering workshop is focused on honing your Gothic (Block), Casual and Script letter forms through a hands-on process of practice, personal critique and expert guidance. It all starts with a pencil, drawing and developing an understanding of the basic letter forms. These then provide the basis for building your brush skills.


    With the basics under control, the next three days are given over to developing a range of techniques to add a little something extra to your painted letter forms. Mike will guide you through a variety of lettering effects, including: basic shadows; outlines; bevels; convex and concave lettering. The aim is to accelerate your ability to create more distinctive lettering for all sorts of purposes.

    Workshop hours are from 9am - 4pm with an hour break for lunch.

    The instruction in the workshop builds each day on the techniques learned the previous day


    Day 1: Brush techniques and care.
    Learning to paint block style lettering. 


    Day 2: Learn to paint Casual style lettering. 


    Day 3: Learn to paint Script style lettering and how to shadow type. 


    Day 4: Learn to paint bevel lettering.





    This introductory workshop is an opportunity to expand your skills by introducing the basics of gold leaf gilding for lettering and signs. Working on a number of parallel projects you’ll be exposed to techniques for gilding on glass and flat surfaces, with everything at a basic level to keep it simple and get you going with gold. You’ll be creating matt and shiny effects on glass, and experimenting with different burnishing techniques while receiving input on materials, preparation (including cleaning glass), making size, laying gold, burnishing, and backing up.


    The workshop is designed for those new to gilding, or with a little previous experience working with gold leaf. You should have some basic signwriting brush skills already as these will not be taught, but if you’ve attended the lettering workshop above you’ll be fine. The class size will be kept small to allow plenty of individual support, and all participants will take away their work on pre-designed panels and glass pieces.

    Workshop hours are from 9am - 4pm with an hour break for lunch.


    When you purchase your reservation for the class you will get a PDF download with all the details about the workshop.

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