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Fonts & Brushes

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With over 30 years in the trade there isn’t much that Mike Meyer hasn’t painted, or painted on, but he’s always open to new and exciting ventures in the sign game. Mike was profiled in the Sign Painters film and book, and his work has been recognised by the Type Directors Club. In his own words, “Nothing can replace the ‘power’ of what a brush in your hand can produce.”

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Mike Meyer proudly uses Alpha 6 products at all his workshops and on his professional projects.


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If you are receiving odd messages from Mike's old Instagram account, he has been hacked. We cannot get Instagram to return the account. Please report the account or messages you received. See the note near the top of this page for more info.

You can find his new instagram account here

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Info about Mike's Instagram account

Mike's old instagram account was hacked and we could not get it returned, but we were able to get the account taken down as a fake account. If you are no longer seeing Mike in your Insta feed then you were probably following the hacked account. Please follow him at his new account.

Mike will never ask you to "Vote" on anything.

This "Vote" scam enables something that let's them hack your account. 


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